We use several / many WordPress plugins from various developers. Plugins add new functions and abilities to the WordPress core.

However, due to the relative ease of creating a new plugin, often we see developers making plugins that leave various access levels in the WordPress core open to easy violation. That meant that there were plugins out there that would compromise your website and/or local computer.

In the last few years this situation has got a lot better, user comments and feedback in the WordPress community have removed a lot of the bad plugins.

But even now it is always a good idea to read all the user comments for a given plugin before considering it for use on your own WordPress website.

We use a wide range of plugins to perform extended tasks and jobs that are not included in the core WordPress instalation.

Here are just a very few examples of Plugins that we use frequently.

On WordPress page on our site you will find a list of all the Plugins that we found to be secure, functional and that we use frequently.

Image Gallery

Built with Supsystic Photo Gallery which offers an easy to set up and manage photo gallery plugin for your WordPress pages.

Image Slider

Built with Supsystic Slider which offers an easy to set up and manage image slider for pages on a WordPress website.