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Security on WordPress websites has always been an issue. In the last several years WordPress have made their system quite secure, well protected against hijacks and abuse.

WordPress and all the tens of thousands of plugins have been greatly improving security issues and now the whole show runs quite safely, as long as you checked out the reputation of plugins… READ MORE….

WordPress security has always been food for thought. Even though most of the latest updates (including WordPress 4.5.2) deal with WordPress security issues, there is still a lot that can be done to improve that security, even by the less tech-savvy of us. In this article, I’d like to enumerate some suggestions on how to improve security on your WordPress website for the best WordPress security.

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Playlist | Double J

I listen to Double J daily while I am busy working on various projects on my computers and the web.

It’s the best music from your past, present and future. Listen on your mobile, online, digital radio and TV.

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Impressed with WordPress

I have been doing some work with WordPress lately and am most impressed with the improvements of WordPress recently. A few years ago WordPress was a major security pain on my dedicated servers. But lately with improvements to WordPress’ security and user/owner awareness, things are much tighter on the security front these days.

Using plugins like Akismet and Jetpack help a lot regarding security, but nothing helps as much as user awareness and constant monitoring of WordPress sites for security flaws, break in attempts, etc.

Of late I feel very relaxed using WordPress and the wide range of plugins. Most important of course is to go out and check the security and comments regarding any plugin you want to use in WordPress…